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Premium E-Liquids

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About us

Why Vapur ?

Swiss Made e-liquids

PG/VG made in Switzerland

Boosted aromas (ZHC) 50in60ml

Superior quality

Balanced aromas

Good volume of steam

Vapur Swiss Made E-liquids

Its name is a simple contraction of "Vapeur" (steam) and "Pure" (pure) ...

We have created for you a brand of e-liquids that has been thought out and put together in Switzerland, tasting good and of the highest quality.

Our range is currently available in 30% PG / 70% VG, which is a good compromise between steam volume and flavor development.


Our liquids are good for both beginners and experts. They are ideal for entry-level atomizers as well as almost priceless "drippers"!


Good vapes to all !